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I value your expertise and professionalism! Thanks to you and Feng Shui, my business has increased 30% and my personal life has balance, harmony and joy!.     
     ~ Diane Fleck, CEO, Fleck and Associates

Consy recently completed a Feng Shui landscape consultation on our property. It has given us new purpose in our efforts to make the exterior of our home visually pleasing. She provided many recommendations and explained why they would improve certain aspects of our lives.
     ~ Steve & Cindy Smith, Cordelia, California

Consy spent time with my staff explaining what she was doing for their office space. From the feedback they gave me, they were impressed with her logical suggestions to improve their work space". 
     ~ Mark Merani, CEO, Telegenisys, Inc.

We had just moved into out new home and we are so grateful to have Consy Feng Shui all the rooms. Already, we have implemented some of her suggestions and changed the colors on our walls and added a new cherry wood front door. We can already "feel" the difference and our home looks so much better! 
     ~ Catherine and Charles Knechtel, Napa, California

After Consy had come over to Feng Shui my apartment and move things around especially in my bedroom, within two months I received a Spirit award at work from my peers (Fame and Recognition) as well as a cash bonus at a different time for my performance (Abundance and Prosperity). I am true believer in Feng Shui!! 
     ~ Diane Young, Charlotte, North Carolina

Consy Malasoma has been a complete blessing in my life. I met her at a party where I parked behind her car, walked into to the house and immediately asked to meet the person with Feng Shui as her license plate. But I really didn’t need anyone to introduce us because her radiant energy drew me like a magnet!

I have had Consy work with me on clutter clearing and the art of placement with excellent results. Her approach is very holistic. Consy was able to make some simple but powerful adjustments the day she was there.

Earlier this year, I decided to put my lovely waterfront condo on the market and Consy was the first person I called to help me get ready for that. We spent two hours moving furniture and developing a strategy for making my house as open and inviting and salable as possible. The effect was immediate and even my cats noticed how much lighter and more comfortable the space had become. Again, Consy left me with a list of sound suggestions on how to get the best price possible for my home. Her prediction: I would end up loving it so much more after all the changes I would end up staying here after all!

So far her prediction has held true. I love my home more with every change I implement. It’s possible I won’t sell but even if I do, I know I will need Consy’s help to make my new home the best living space possible for me. Consy’s generous heart, expert eye for color, shape and placement along with her sparkling personality make working with her a joy. I feel she has truly become a friend. I cannot thank her enough!
     ~ Catherine Greene, Kirkland, WA

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